The  most tricky thing about  plumbing problems is that you are not always sure whether to do it  yourself or  to call a plumber. With all the instructional videos or tutorials online, it’s hard to make the decision to call a plumber, but luckily there are certain signs that you can be on the lookout for to make the decision to call a plumber.

Bad Odor

If your drains are giving off an odor similar to a sewer, it’s advisable to call a plumber. There are a number of different reasons why your drains might be having this odor. The odor in the drain might be caused by  either the buildup of organic waste in the pipe or just bacteria.

Water Damage

Water damage  is usually the result of a leak that hasn’t been detected for a long period of time. Most leaks are very small that you won’t detect them right away until the damage is done. These leaks can cause mold or other serious problems such as foundation damage. Contact a plumber when you notice any signs of water damage before it gets worse.

Low Water pressure

Low pressure is a sign that you need a plumber to inspect your drains because it might mean a leak or a blockage. If the water pressure is steadily dropping then it means that you have a  blockage that is gradually worsening or a leak  that is getting bigger. Call a plumber as soon as you start noticing the water pressure.

If you are having low water pressure then call a plumber to fix the problem. Contact Plumbing Center Inc for any kind of plumbing problems at anytime of the day.