A blockage  in your pipes will cause water not to drain from your home into the sewer line. You have a problem if your toilet takes time to flush or if your toilet gets flooded. A plunger can solve non serious problems but if it can’t then you need to call a plumber. The following are causes of a backup.

Clogged Toilet

A backup in the toilet will either mean that there is a blockage in the toilet which can easily be cleared using a plunger or the blockage is further along in the pipes which means that a plunger can’t solve it. If a plunger doesn’t seem to be working then it’s best to call a plumber as soon as possible.


Trees roots will naturally grow outwards in search of water, so if your sewer line is backed up and other minor causes have been ruled out then, it’s probably tree roots that are causing the problem. Tree roots can also cause other problems such as cracking or bursting of the pipes. Hire a plumber with the right tools to detect the problem.

Poor Sewer Maintenance

Proper sewer maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning of your sewer line. A properly maintained sewer will allow the  flow of water from your home into the sewer line without any backups. Maintenance will prevent the growth of roots or the accumulation debris in your sewer line which might cause backups.

Regular maintenance by a knowledgeable plumber will prevent any backup problems. Contact Plumbing Center Inc for any kind of plumbing problems at anytime of the day.