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Water is an innocent element. It is vital and almost innocuous in the way it enters your home. However, let this not fool you. It is the single-most important element that affects your lifestyle by virtue of its quality.

Hard water is difficult to consume. It is tough on your appliances. The temperature fluctuation from water heaters is a result of hard water too. It also contributes to the corrosion in your pipes. It keeps your towels rough and soaps difficult to lather. On a day-to-day basis, hard water makes home operations difficult.

Although filtration is a good way to keep sand, roughage and sediment out of the water, it does not really combat the problem of hard water. The chemicals in hard water need to dissolve for water to become softer and more usable.

Water Treatment Solutions

We offer effective water treatment solutions that take care of this issue. Our installation of water softeners is quick, safe and secure. After water passes through a water softener, it feels gentler on the skin. Soft water has a remarkable silky touch. Your soaps and detergent lather better and pipes and heaters are safe from corrosion. On the other hand, if you don't have hard water problem but simply want to have clean water, we offer several filtration options.

Copper Piping Solution

Regular inspection of pipes is extremely important. It is best not to wait until a pipe corrodes or breaks down. Pipe corrosion is a major reason for scale build up as well. Repairing pipes, though, is not always a viable option. It is better to opt for complete copper piping. This is a more long term solution.

Along with our years of experience, Plumbing Center Inc. delivers:

  • 24 Hour personal customer care
  • Fast response & the ability to attend to your request within a few hours of your call
  • We have a team of certified professionals. They are equipped to spot existing and potential damages quickly. Also, considering the team has decades of experience working on copper piping or water softener installations, the project will get done quickly and correctly
  • Utilize high-end equipment to detect and repair potential damages quickly and right away
  • Highly experienced and licensed technicians
  • Premium quality work, parts & materials for an affordable price 
  • Complete copper repipe & water softener services – repair, installation, cleanup
  • We care for your time and property. Our team adheres to schedules and cleans your property when the work is complete.
  • Comprehensive warranty

Stop hard water buildups and avoid pipe break down!
We guarantee to solve your pipe and hard water problems quickly and surely!