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Simply using a water heater does not ensure steady supply of good, hot water. It also does not guarantee that you will always have enough hot water to go around. If you want to constantly have hot water running through your taps, you need to focus on the following:

  • Choosing the correct heater that suits your needs
  • Maintaining it with routine inspections
  • Repairing it with quality service

    • How we can help:

      If you are looking for new water heaters:

      1. There are plenty of brands and models of water heaters in the market. Each one has its own pros and cons. This can be overwhelming for a buyer. When you consult us, we can suggest a heater that will suit you best. We have worked with every brand and kind of water heater. Therefore, we are equipped to suggest an appliance that will work for you. Your needs can be as varied as bringing down your annual expenses or reducing carbon footprint or both. We have the answer.
      2. If water heaters are not installed correctly, without proper insulation, they can cause damage to pipes and wiring. It is, therefore, best to trust experts. Our team of licensed professionals handle all kinds of installations. They are also familiar with municipal codes, so you can be assured that your heater will be installed according to regulatory specifications.

      Servicing and Repairing water heaters

      1. There are several factors that affect the performance of water heaters. When we step in to repair or service these heaters, we look at the project holistically. For example, we will check if corrosion in the pipes is responsible for temperature fluctuation. We may also inspect the kinds of appliances you use. This gives us an idea if your water heater is equipped to handle the amount of hot water usage. As we have worked extensively on water heater maintenance and repairs, diagnosing and fixing a problem is efficient.
      2. We are responsive and will attend to your call within a few hours. If the problem does not require extensive plumbing, we will restore hot water in your home quickly.

      Our other services:

      • Maintenance and repair services
      • Installation, maintenance and repair of boilers
      • Construction and remodeling of office space. This includes installation of various kinds of appliances, countertops, cabinetry, hardware and fixtures
      • Copper piping
      • Pipe inspection, repair, new installation