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Who Needs Hot Water Storage Tank Installation

Commercial establishments use different kinds of water heaters to heat large volumes of water. One such common heating equipment is the hot water storage tank or the tank-style water heater.

What are Hot Water Storage Tanks?

These tank-style heaters are conventional models of cylindrical heaters. They are the most familiar kinds of heaters. They have storage tanks that hold approximately 80 gallons to 12,500 gallons of water as steady supply. This volume depends on the size of the tank. When you open the faucet for water, cold water rushes into the tank through one valve and pushes the hot water out.

There are a couple of implications in using water storage tanks:

  • There is a limit to the amount of hot water you can use.
  • There is considerable stand-by heat loss (i.e. - water sitting in the tank will lose heat if not used). This is a waste of energy.

How we can help

  1. Consultation: To begin with, we understand that you need equipments that are fuel-efficient and cost-effective. We have decades of experience in commercial installations of water heating services. Our knowledge of storage waters is quite comprehensive. We can recommend the right storage heater based on your requirements and budget. Generally, other plumbing technicians will suggest installing a tankless heater. However, there are several new models of storage heaters that optimize fuel consumption. Also, storage water heaters are much cheaper to install than tankless heaters. With new models of tank-type heaters, you may not feel the need for tankless heaters at all.

    When you consult with us, we provide details about various products as well as their pros and cons. This will help you make an informed decision.
  2. Technical Expertise: We have factory trained professionals in charge of commercial installations. Not only can they recommend the correct size of hot water storage tank, they can install any make or brand of storage tank. They are also equipped to undertake any plumbing projects that impact installation. (For example, repair of pipes, etc.) This is done efficiently with minimum disruption to your business operations.
  3. Dependability: One call from you and we will be there in a matter of hours. Also, to make sure that you continue with business even as we work, we provide a free loaner service. This service keeps business operational while we work on the main system.

Other services we provide

  • Heater choices and maintenance
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Commercial Installations
  • High Recovery Water Heaters
  • Maintenance, service and repair