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Does Water Heater Size Matter?

In the case of storage water heaters, yes. Hot water heater size are usually 30, 40, 50, 75 and 100 gallons. You want a water heater that is big to provide adequate water whenever you use it. Otherwise, with a smaller heater, you can run out of hot water fairly quickly and will need to keep heating water in batches. This is inconvenient and may also increase your fuel costs. On the other hand, bigger water heaters do store a substantial quantity of water. However, with these heaters you risk wasting energy on heating water that you may not use.

Your storage water heater size makes the difference between a home or business being properly supplied with hot water, and one that constantly runs out. If you notice that your hot water supply always runs out, you may want to consider upgrading your water heaters size.

We can help in the following ways:

  1. Technical recommendation: Generally, you can earmark 10 gallons of water per person and gauge which size of heater is right for you. However, other factors also need to be considered. For example, do you have a special spa bathroom with a Jacuzzi? This requires more hot water.

    Our qualified and experienced technicians can help you decide which water heater size is best suited to your requirements. They also have the expertise to suggest alternatives. Let's say you need a 100 gallon unit but don't have the budget for it. Our team can recommend buying a 40 or 50 gallon unit and supplementing it with a fast recovery hot water heater.
  2. Installation: Installing water heaters may be a fairly straightforward process. However, different kinds of installations have certain considerations that must be kept in mind. Our skilled plumbers have installed different kinds and sizes of water heaters and know the nuts-and-bolts facts about all of them. Rest assured, your water heater will be installed safely and securely.
  3. Other related services: We also undertake repair and servicing of water heaters. Water heaters are directly affected by the kind of water used in your home. Hard water may corrode and damage your appliances. Or the scale build-up in your drains maybe obstructing water flow. There may be corrosion in the pipes leading to fluctuating temperatures. Performances of water heaters can be compromised by several direct or indirect factors.
    We are equipped to diagnose and fix all of them. Here are some affiliated services we offer:
    a. Drain cleaning
    b. Water treatments such as water softening and filtration
    c. Copper repiping