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Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water heaters are important appliances in homes and commercial spaces. Unfortunately, their significance is not always understood until they break down or fail to perform optimally. At a basic level, all water heaters are designed to heat water. However, the choice of the water-heater, its maintenance and timely repair makes a difference in the way your appliance will serve you.

We offer a range of water heater service that cater to all heater related issues with respect to commercial and residential models.

We are the right choice to attend to your water heater repair and installation needs for the following reasons:

  • 24 Hour personal customer care
  • Fast response & the ability to attend to your request within a few hours of your call
  • Premium quality work, parts & materials for an affordable price 
  • We have worked on several different kinds of projects to recommend the correct water heater for your needs. It is important to choose an appliance that works for you, instead of what is popular in the market. For example, based on your water usage at home, we can suggest a tank less water heater for you, instead of a tank-style one with bigger storage.
  • We have a separate team for commercial installations of boilers. These technicians are factory-trained and specialize in boiler installations.
  • Our water heater installation experience equips us to sort out any plumbing-related issues that may impact the installation. So, if we find that your pipes are corroded, we can repair or replace these pipes before installing the appliance.
  • Free loaner service – for commercial installations. This service enables you to carry on your business while the main line is worked on.
  • Complete water heater services - repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Comprehensive warranty

Don't let yourself shower and bath in cold water!
We guarantee to solve your water heater repair needs quickly and surely!