I couldn't ask for a higher caliber of professionalism and quality. Each person at the Plumbing Center, from the office staff to everyone on the job site, was unfailingly courteous and knowledgeable as I was constantly informed of the current progress as well as the upcoming timeline for completion. That level of communication, as well as their delivery on all of their promises, had me so impressed that I went out of my way to personally introduce the owner, Roi Nagid, to my neighbors in case they needed a plumber. Additionally, during the project's sign-off, I was more than pleased to learn from the building inspector that the Plumbing Center had performed beyond building code specifications--and then witness that the inspector was impressed enough to ask for Roi's business card for future work on his own house! I hope not to need their services any time soon but they are the only plumbing company I will call.
-- Pam T. in Van Nuys, CA

I have used Plumbing Center for years. Their work is excellent and very professional.
- Mrs. Randall in North Hollywood, CA

We had a plumbing emergency during the holidays, my water heater started leaking. Then I called Plumbing Center. They explained that the underlying issue may require a much more expensive repair, but that they could try a quick fix to resolve the issue. After They fixed it, it hasn't broken since, as they promised. I had a new working water heater installed and hot water to take a shower with. I have a great experience with Plumbing Center!
- Kyle Holman in Burbank, CA

Got clogged toilet problem awhile back ago. It was insane. I tried to use the plunger, that didn't work. Water was all over the floor. A friend of mine told me to contact Plumbing Center, they fixed her leaking pipe problem. Anyway, back to my story.. so I called them immediately. Arrived on-time and without wasting any time they went ahead to fix my toilet problem. They unclogged my toilet and cleaned the area! Thank you very much, I truly appreaciate your service!
- Linda in North Hills, CA