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Making the case for trenchless technology

A good drainage system is important to keep a home sanitized and habitable. Maintenance of drainage systems, though, requires routine inspections. If a drain is found to be broken or corroded, it must be replaced immediately. Broken or leaking pipes can hurt the home's structure and foundation in the long run.

However, replacing or rehabilitating worn-out and broken pipes is a complicated task. It is further complicated with the use of traditional methods of pipe replacement or rehabilitation. Here's how:

  • It involves digging up relevant areas. This may ruin your garden landscape or mar your driveway.
  • It involves considerable time and expenditure. Traditional methods also run the risk of going overbudget or beyond schedule.
  • It involves inconvenience. Think of the rubble and dust when the project is underway.

There is an alternative though: Trenchless Technology.

Going trenchless means no or very minimal digging up. This makes replacing and pipes and new pipe installation:

  • Easy: No excavation required.
  • Economical: The amount of time and labor intensiveness is reduced. This brings down the costs, at times as much as 50%.
  • Convenient: You get your home sooner, with no mess. Your driveway is safe and the landscape is not damaged.

What is trenchless technology?

Trenchless technology is the latest technology used in civil engineering and construction. This technology allows subsurface (i.e. below the ground) work to be carried out without digging too many trenches. This means that new installation of pipes, replacing or repairing a broken drainage system is much less disruptive. So, if trenchless technology is used to repair any underground infrastructure in your home, your regular activities will not be impacted.

How we can help

Expertise and experience: Although trenchless technology makes replacement and rehabilitation work easier, it needs to be employed with sophisticated technical know-how. Our team has worked on a wide range of projects that have employed this technology. Whether your project requires Mechanical Spot Repair or Sliplining, our team can take care of that. Also, when experts work on your project, the job gets done the first time round.

Efficiency: Our Los Angeles and San Ferndnao Valley team completes work on time and within the budget communicated to you at the consultation stage. Our workmanship comes with a 15 year warranty . What's more? We clean up your property as soon as we are done.