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Root Removal and Drain Cleaning

'Root' of the drainage problem

Trees are beautiful things to have around until their roots start growing into your drains. This is a common problem that leads to obstruction of water flow, to begin with. However, if not attended in time, these roots grow and cause even more complications. They may cause your drain pipes to corrode and collapse. These kinds of damages are expensive to repair.

When should you take care of a rooter problem?

Now is a good time. Most people mistakenly believe that rooter problems occur in older houses, maybe 40 years or older. This may be true to some extent. However, newer drains are not insulated either. In fact, if you have trees that grow less than 10 feet from your home, your lateral sewage pipes are not safe and may lead to root removal services quicker than expected. The pipes may have cracks through which trees may take root. Once this happens, your pipes may get corroded over time.

To avoid this, there must be routine inspection and drain cleaning.

How we can solve your problem

Simply put, we know what to do and how to do it.

Whenever any maintenance or repair work involves a home's drain pipes, one can't be too careful. Clumsy work can lead to even more damage. However, we have several methods to ensure that proper root removal service is provided and your rooter problem is solved efficiently and permanently.

Here are some features of our services:

  • Technological advantage: Accuracy is important to ensure that the correct drain pipe is targeted. We accomplish this with the help of our video inspection equipment. We lower cables fitted with TV into drains to survey the damage caused by roots. This helps us identify the exact spot of the blockage and the scope of treatment required. This method curtails risk of additional damage during inspection.
  • Variety of solutions: After the exact spots of rooter problems have been identified, we treat them using a number of methods. Usually, we take strong rooticide foam and line your pipes. This not only takes care of the current blockage problem, but also ensures that vegetation will not occur in the future. Other methods include drain jetting (cutting roots using high pressure water) or drain cleaning. We will select the appropriate solution based on what is needed.

  • Other reasons to choose us:

    1. We complete the work on time and within budget
    2. Our precise estimation process ensures that there are no hidden costs.
    3. We respect your property and clean up after ourselves.