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Here's the thing about sewers and drains - no-one really thinks about them until it is too late. This is usually a messy, expensive and time-consuming mistake. Executing a sewage repair or drain repair-related project requires technique and precision. Very often, you have a leak in a pipe or rooter problem in the sewer. To rectify this, you hire a plumber who spends a lot of time trying to locate the problem. Fixing the problem comes next. However, confirming that the problem is solved is the last and tricky stage. Not many manage.

Plumbing Center Inc Services:

  • Video Sewer Inspection: We employ this intelligent piece of technology to make our job more accurate, faster and more effective. Video sewer inspection involves lowering cables fitted with a camera to survey the insides of a sewer. This helps to quickly pin-point the exact problem area. Also, this inspection helps in confirming if the problem has been fixed properly.
  • Foundation Repair - Slab or Crawl Foundation: Any structure is only as strong as its foundation. Therefore, it is important to protect foundations from becoming weak. Leaks and corrosion compromise its integrity. We work methodically to repair cracks in slabs and remedy seepage through crawls. After we are done, your foundation is rock-solid again.
  • New Installation: Sometimes pipes are damaged beyond repair. Or some remodeling project may require new pipes to be installed. Any alteration to the underground architecture needs to be carried out very carefully, though. Otherwise, there is a risk of critical damage to the home's existing drainage system. We use our years of experience and the latest trenchless technology to make new installations a smooth operation.
  • Trenchless: Like Video Sewer Inspection, the Trenchless technology is a boon to the plumbing and civil engineering industry. This makes installation and repair of pipes possible with minimal digging.
  • Root removal and drain clearing: Trees growing roots in drains and obstructing water flow is a common problem. It is also quite a frustrating problem for home owners. If it is not solved effectively, it will recur after a period of time. We do a good and thorough job of removing roots and cleaning drains using precise equipments and, of course, the expertise of our team.

Along with our years of experience, Plumbing Center Inc. delivers:

  • 24 Hour personal customer care
  • Camera sewer inspection for faster and accurate solutions
  • We are full equipped to handle all these stages effectively
  • Fast response & the ability to attend to your request within a few hours of your call
  • Premium quality work, parts & materials for an affordable price
  • Highly experienced and licensed technicians
  • Complete plumbing & drain services - repair, maintenance, installation
  • Clean work area when the job is completed
  • Comprehensive warranty

Avoid sewer backup and damage to your property!
We guarantee to solve your drainage and sewer problems quickly and surely!