When it comes to water heater problems, Plumbing Center, Inc is the go to company in the Los Angeles area . We provide the skill and expertise to insure quality repair and maintenance of water heaters. Our knowledgeable experts have years of experience in  repairing all types of  water heaters in the Los Angeles area.

Water Heater Repairs & Replacement We Perform

  • Adjust Water Heater Pressure
  • Replace Temperature Relief Valves
  • Flush Water Heater Tank
  • Drain Water Heater Tank
  • De-Lime Water Heater Tank
  • Insulate Water Heater Tank
  • Adjust Water Heater Thermostat

Contact Us If you Experience Any of These Problems

  • Leaking Water Heater
  • Noise Coming From The Heater
  • Taking Long To Heat Water
  • Water Not getting Hot Enough

We’re proud to serve the residents and businesses in the Los Angeles area with competitive prices and water heater repair services that are second to none. We provide fast and efficient services because we understand that emergencies shouldn’t be a quick fix but they should be long lasting solutions.

If you’re experiencing water heater problems in your Los Angeles home or business, contact us at Plumbing Center, Inc and we will help you solve the emergency quickly and with the best prices.