Plumbing Center Inc has been providing quality trenchless repair and installation services throughout Los Angeles for a number of years. Trenchless repair and installation is a non invasive method which limits the amount of damage done to a property when carrying out the repairs or installations.We will carry out the repairs and installations without affecting the scenery that you worked very hard to achieve.


  • Faster Repairs
  • Less Intrusive Repairs
  • Keep the Scenery
  • Save Money

Our plumbing experts will perform an inspection before giving you repair options or advise on anything regarding repair or installation. Trenchless sewer repair does not require heavy machinery or digging so your landscape will remain intact during the repairs or installation. We use tools and methods that allow us to provide repair or installation services without any damage to your yard.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency in your Los Angeles home or business, contact us at Plumbing Center Inc and we will help you solve the emergency quickly and with the lowest prices.