Problems pipes or plumbing in your home or business can appear without any warnings. If your home or business is experiencing any problems with piping, don’t hesitate to call Plumbing Center Inc. We have the right tools and the experience to solve any piping issues you might be experiencing in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

Signs You Need Repiping:

  • Water Pressure Change

Corroded metallic pipes will usually change the water pressure. When the rust builds up in the pipes, water output to your sinks or showers will be affected.

  • Water Color Change

One of the most important signs that indicate the need for repiping is the change in water color. Water will turn red or brown, which is a classic sign of corrosion in the pipes.

  • Water with Odor

It’s a good idea to not use water if it has any funny odors as that might be dangerous. A number of reasons might be causing the odors hence the need to call a professional who will advise you whether you need repiping or not.

  • High Water Bills

High water bills which do not make sense if you don’t use a lot of water should be quickly investigated. Once the pipes get old, they will leak in areas where it’s not easy to detect them hence the need to repipe.

  • Noisy Plumbing

Pipes and plumbing are not designed to be noisy. So any noise coming from the pipes is a sure way of knowing that you have a problem. So whether you have low or high pressure, the pipes shouldn’t be making any sounds.

If you have a problem with the pipes in Los Angeles home or business, give Plumbing Center Inc a call. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing for any piping problems you might have.

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