If you suspect that there is a leak at your Los Angeles home or business but don’t know the source, call Plumbing Center Inc. Our Professionally trained experts use up to date leak detection equipment and are able to find leaks quickly and cost effectively. So don’t wait until the leakages cause other severe damages to your property before calling an expert. We are proudly serve both homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area.

Signs You Have A Leak:

  • Increased Water Bill
  • Mold Mildew
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Wet Spots
  • Dripping Pipes
  • Damp Soil in Crawl Space

Leak Detection Methods

Ultrasonic Detection

This is a sound based detection method which uses sound loss and variations to detect leaks in the pipes

Smoke Detection

This is the type of method in which smoke is pumped into the pipes so that it can escape at the source of the leaks.

Video Inspection

Video inspection is one of the most commonly used ways of leak detection because by simply feeding the camera in the pipes you can see the problem and also show the problem to the client.

Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared leak detection can be used to see leaks through the floors or walls
Leaks can be underground, in walls and foundation slabs. No matter where the leak is, Center Plumbing Inc will provide the best leak detection services.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing leak in your Los Angeles home or business, contact us at Plumbing Center Inc and we will help you solve the emergency quickly and with the lowest prices.

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