The best way to detect a drainage problem is by actually being able to see it and one very useful way of doing this is by having a camera sewer inspection. A camera sewer inspection involves the use of  high resolution fiber optic cameras which are specifically designed to help you see whatever mess is in your sewer drains.

How Does it Work ?

(1.) A video camera is lowered in the drain or pipe

(2.) Once it is lowered in the drain, the expert can now move it around to  take videos and photos which later help when deciding the solution.

(3.) Once the videos and Photos are taken, the expert will share them with the client and decide on the best solution to tackle the problem.

Types of Problems detected using a Camera Sewer Inspection

  • Roots
  • Broken Joints
  • Deteriorated Pipes
  • Damages lines
  • Build Up
  • Grease

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