Plumbing Center Inc strives to provide the best plumbing services in the whole of Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas hence we use state of the art equipment such as Hydro-jetting. A Hydro Jet is a machine that is used to clean your drain or sewer lines. A hydro jet uses water under high pressures of as much as 4000 PSI  to push away any sand, grease or any other debris stuck inside the pipes.


Environmentally Friendly

Hydro-Jetting is very environmentally friendly compared to other types of cleaning methods because no other chemicals are needed to fully unclog the pipes.

Bacteria Removal

The pressure produced during hydro-jetting is not only powerful enough to remove the debris or grease but it’s powerful enough to remove bacteria such as that which causes odors.

More Efficient

Hydro-jetting is the most efficient method of drain cleaning because the high pressure can be used on many kinds of drain problems.

Hydro Jetting is the best choice for preventative maintenance. Contact Plumbing Center Inc so that we can help you drain your problematic pipes.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency in your Los Angeles home or business, contact us at Plumbing Center Inc and we will help you solve the emergency quickly and with the best prices.

Commercial Slate inside Sewer-pipe hydro jet service

Slate inside Sewer-pipe hydro jet service-plumbing-center-inc
Slate inside Sewer-pipe hydro jet service-plumbing-center-inc3
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