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Category: Residential

Plumbing emergencies will happen in all  households at some point in time so you want to be in a position where you can contact a plumber with the capability to resolve whatever plumbing issues you have. Plumbing Center Inc has been offering 24-hour emergency services for a number of years, so you should be assured [...] Read more
If you suspect that there is a leak at your Los Angeles home or business but don’t know the source, call Plumbing Center Inc. Our Professionally trained experts use up to date leak detection equipment and are able to find leaks quickly and cost effectively. So don’t wait until the leakages cause other severe damages [...] Read more
Your bathroom and sinks don’t only drain water but carry through them hairs, grease, food, and other things which will eventually lead to clogs and cause problems for your drain. All these will cause backed-up pipes which need to be avoided. Once a drain is clogged, it can eventually lead to a pipe bursting. Signs [...] Read more