The safety of your home rests on the strength of what constitutes it. Take gas lines, for example. They need to be secure, not just to provide natural gas optimally. Any damage to a gas line may be imperceptible at first. However, in time it will either cause or contribute to significant harm. Therefore, they must be safeguarded as they can prove fatal in case of an unprecedented calamity.

When you choose technicians to work on your gas pipes, you must ensure that they are licensed professionals. Additionally, they must have high standards of quality and security.

We have the following services that will keep your gas lines, and your home, completely safe.

  1. Earthquake valve: If you live in an earthquake prone area, you absolutely must invest in an earthquake valve. In fact, in some places it is even a legal mandate to install this valve. When an earthquake occurs, this valve shuts off your gas service automatically. Installation of this valve has to be done carefully, though. We have the necessary expertise and experience to do this installation efficiently.
  2. Gas leak detection: Gas leaks are dangerous. The carbon monoxide released during a leak is toxic. Gas leaks are also life-threatening because they cause fires and explosions. To make your home one hundred percent gas-leak proof, you have to get professionals who are proficient in their job. We protect your home from gas leaks through the following services:
    Inspection programs: This helps us identify actual and potential gas leaks.
    Installation of gas detector: You can't always rely on the 'rotten egg' smell of a gas leak. To be doubly sure of gas leaks, we install gas detectors. We know that gas detectors need to be installed correctly to work. Which detector you use, where it is located and how well it is maintained - all these factors are important in the efficiency of a gas detector.
    Leak survey, recognition and response: In case of a gas leak, time is of the essence. The problem needs to be identified and fixed quickly. We employ the latest technology according to statutory requirements that will help us accomplish this task fast.

Along with our years of experience, Plumbing Center Inc. delivers:

  • Thorough visual inspection
  • 24 Hour personal customer care
  • Fast response & the ability to attend to your request within a few hours of your call
  • Utilize electronic water/gas leak detector
  • Highly experienced and licensed technicians
  • Complete gas pipe line services - repair, maintenance, installation
  • Premium quality work, parts & materials for an affordable price
  • Comprehensive warranty

Protect your home from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning!
We guarantee to solve your gas pipe line problems quickly and surely!