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Earthquake Shutoff Valves

Your home must be protected from two things: dangers you can predict and those that you can't.

Although an earthquake is not a phenomenon you can control, your home can be shielded from its aftermath. This is where an earthquake gas shut-off valve (also called a natural gas seismic valve) comes in.

How does the earthquake shut-off valve help?

When an earthquake occurs, this valve shuts off your gas service automatically. This mitigates additional dangers your home may be exposed to during this time.

Do you need the earthquake shut-off valve?

Yes, if:
  • you are in an earthquake prone zone or close to a fault line
  • the municipal government or any local authority mandates its installation
  • your insurance company requires your home to be fitted with it

How can we help?

You can always install the earthquake shut-off valve yourself. However, there are several factors that need to be kept in mind before installing it. Installation of this valve can be a complex and risky task. We recommend hiring professionals such as us for the following reasons:

  1. Some valves need to be installed on the houseowner's line and not the gas company's. We have the technical expertise to identify these issues, so you don't have to face the risk of installing unauthorized earthquake shut-off valves.
  2. We are proficient to measure the gas line pipe accurately and choose the correct size of valve appropriate for your gas pipe. Precision is important here. If the gas line is fitted with an incorrect size valve, the valve will not work during the earthquake.
  3. The critical part after fitting the valve is to make sure that there is no leak. We have a panel of expert technicians with several years of experience in this area. They will meticulously check your installation and also test it appropriately.
  4. In case there is an earthquake, the earthquake shut-off valve will cut off the gas supply. However, after the earthquake, the valve needs to be reset. Gas companies recommend that you enlist the help of a technician to do this. You can trust us to do a thorough job of resetting the valve. We will see that your appliances are ready to be switched on after the refitting, confirm that there is no leak and also re-light the pilot lights.

You just need to decide to make your home safe. We will take care of the rest.