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Copper Repiping

Do you need copper piping?

Not all plumbing problems arrive like an epic crisis. Some start small. For example, you may notice that the water pressure is low in a couple of faucets. Your garden hose has a slight trickle instead of a strong gush. The water heater fluctuates temperatures constantly and you get bad-tasting water with odor.

These problems indicate rusting or corrosion of the piping in your house. When this happens, there is scale build up in the pipes. This creates blockages that impacts water flow.

Another problem with corroded piping is leakages. These leakages can prove to be fatal to a home's structure. They can seep into the foundation and make it weak.

One way to tackle all these problems of leakages and cracks is to repair the pipes. However, it is recommended that after four or five repairs, you should go in for complete copper repiping. It is a longer-lasting solution to your corrosion problems.

Benefits of copper repiping

The idea of a complete system repipe may be overwhelming and prohibitively expensive. However, its benefits far outweigh any concerns you may have. In fact, in the right hands, copper repiping is done efficiently and saves money in the long run.

After a system-wide copper repipe, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Excellent, steady water flow. So, your showers are luxurious. In fact, you can use all your water-driven appliances and fixtures at the same time.
  • Consistent temperatures from water heaters.
  • No water damage. This automatically saves you a tidy sum in repair bills.
  • All systems work efficiently, so energy is not wasted.

    • How we can help

      1. Expertise: Good quality repiping makes use of strong hard copper piping, instead of a softer, more bendable variety. The strong piping, however, requires more skill to work with. Therefore, plumbers with less experience choose the soft alternative. However, this piping can chip or kink during installation. These cracks will later lead to corrosion and leakages. On the other hand, we employ only the best copper piping to give you durable results.
      2. Quality: The quality of balance valves used in tubs and showers goes a long way in determining ease of operation. Therefore, we do not compromise on these valves and fixtures. We put your comfort first.
      3. Economical: Our quotes are feasible and usually include permit costs and properly patched walls. (This keeps your walls ready to paint.)
      4. Efficiency: We have worked on numerous copper repiping projects. Our team is skilled and quick. We finish work within the time frame we commit to you. That's not all. We also clean up after ourselves.